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SPOT 5.6 Advanced and Basic Software License - Electronic License Upgrade for Existing SPOT Advanced Software Dongles
SPOT Advanced Microscopy Software for Brightfield and Fluorescence Imaging

The SPOT 5.6 Advanced software is a comprehensive toolkit for SPOT camera owners who need precision control over their hardware. Image captures can be triggered externally for accurate timing with peripherals. Measurements, reticles, scale bars, and other annotations are available to enhance your image. Images can also be archived into a customizable database, dropped into the SPOT report generator for printing, or saved in several different file formats for journal submission. Repetitive tasks can be simplified with macros, user-defined taskbars and custom dialogs for commonly used functions. Microscopists capturing fluorescence images can merge and palettize images to easily differentiate fluorophores. All user preferences and settings can be permanently saved with password-protected user logins.

  • Each user can have their own login to keep their settings and preferences secure
  • Live measurements
  • Circle, grid and crosshair reticles can be applied to the live and captured images to aid counting and inspection applications
  • Color temperature adjustment ensures excellent color fidelity
  • Enhanced auto-save functionality
  • Incredible support included - built-in help system, online knowledgebase, technical support available by phone, email, online meeting

Modules for peripheral device control, quantitative imaging, extended depth of focus and live image overlays can be added to the SPOT 5.6 Advanced Software to support specialized functions if needed for your application. The modules can be purchased separately so they can be added as your needs evolve.

For computer operating system compatibility, please visit our website.

This purchase also includes an upgrade to the SPOT 5.6 Basic Software

SPOT56AE is an upgrade to the SPOT 5.6 Software for customers who are running an older version of SPOT Advanced Software with a SPOT Advanced software key/dongle. If you don't already have a SPOT Advanced Software key/dongle, please order catalog number WSN-SPOT56A instead.

Purchasing Notes:
To purchase the SPOT 5.6 Advanced Software Upgrade, in the spaces below, enter your existing SPOT Advanced Software License ID and the email address of the person who should receive the license update.  Your SPOT Advanced Software License ID can be found in the SPOT Advanced Software by choosing Help/About SPOT on Windows or SPOT/About SPOT on Mac Computers.

Please allow 3-5 business days to process your order.

Our Price: $604.00

Availability: Please Allow 3 - 5 Business Days for Processing
Catalog Number: WSN-SPOT56AE

Email Address*:

SPOT Camera Serial Number*:

SPOT Software License ID*:

5.6 Installer on USB Thumb Drive - SPOT56THM [Add $10.00]

Quantitative Imaging Module - SPOT56QI [Add $150.00]

Extended Depth of Focus Module - SPOT56EDF [Add $150.00]

Image Overlay Module - SPOT56IO [Add $150.00]

Peripherial Device Control Module - SPOT56PDC [Add $274.00]

SPOT 5.6 Advanced and Basic Upgrade for Mac and Windows -- for Existing SPOT Advanced Software License Holders with USB key/dongle

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