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Fujinon HF35SA-1 2/3" 35mm F1.4 C-Mount Lens
Fujinon HF35SA-1  2/3" 35mm F1.4 C-Mount Lens

Designed for factory automation and machine vision applications, the Fujinon HF35SA-1* high resolution C-mount lens supports digital cameras up to 5 megapixel and uses superior optics to achieve corner-to-corner performance with low distortion. With a minimum focusing range of only 0.2 meters and with a rear focusing system, this compact and robust lens is particularly well suited for applications where highly detailed close-up imaging is a priority.

Additionally, this lens employs a ring lock system to prevent the focus and iris rings from shifting when used on vibrating machinery.

This lens is brand new and is suitable for use with the SPOT Idea cameras.  It is a third party manufactured product and is covered by a one-year warranty.

*Note:  This is not a microscope adapter
Our Price: $294.50

Availability: Usually ships in 3-5 business days if in stock, 1-3 weeks if out of stock.
Catalog Number: WS-HF35SA-1-191304


High Resolution
Designed for digital cameras up to 5 mega pixel, this lens employs superior optics to achieve quality corner-to corner performance with low distortion and features a wide-aperture (F1.4) design to enhance image illumination in low light conditions

Compact & Robust

Engineered for machine vision and factory automation applications, this compact and robust lens is designed to fit a wide range of machinery and uses a rear focusing system to achieve highly detailed close-up imaging 

Ring Lock

Employs a ring lock mechanism to prevent focus and iris shift when used on vibrating machinery



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